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Pol. Lt. Gen. Piya Tawichai, Provincial Police Region 5 commissioner, declared on September 29, a massive drug seizure at the Pu Kaeng Police Station drug checkpoint in Phan, Chiang Rai Province, in which police seized more than 2 million methamphetamine pills. Following that, seven cars and one plot of land worth 5.3 million baht were seized.
The accused admitted that he had previously been recruited to transport methamphetamine 12 times, and this was the 13th occasion, earning 150,000 baht every time and hailing from Mae Chan District in Chiang Rai Province. #chiangrai #thaipolice #thailand #antidrug
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The Economic Crime Suppression Division deployed forces on Friday to search seven locations in three provinces, including Bangkok, Samut Prakan, and Samut Sakhon, and seized over 35,000 counterfeit and tax-evaded items, including brand-name perfume, handbags, and shoes, with a total value of over 15 million baht.
King Power Company Limited has sent a representative to file a complaint with the Office of the Economic Crime Suppression Division's investigators regarding the 17 fake King Power Facebook pages that are selling fake brand name products, and tax-smuggling products, causing a lot of damage.


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Warns: "Plan your escape - before it's too late"


Floods and rain chaos hit New York

Vilma Stockvall
dated 23:02 | Published 22:23 
"Dangerous and life-threatening situation" 
Millions of New Yorkers woke up to a dramatic text message on Friday morning.  
Now roads have been flooded, the subways are stopped and the residents are fighting their way through the water. 
- Plan your escape route - don't wait until it's too late, says state governor Kathy Hochul. 
On Friday morning, millions of New Yorkers woke up to a text message from the National Weather Service, NWS.  The alert warned of a "dangerous and life-threatening situation" and a "significant risk of flood damage," reports CNN.  
Pictures from the state show cars floating around in the water, flooded subways and basements filled with water.  
A local meteorologist describes the rain as "fire hose rain". Everyone is asked to stay indoors and not leave the place where they are. 
- It's dangerous weather - and it's not over, says Mayor Eric Adams during a press conference.  
Tom väg på Manhattan som är avstängd till följd av översvämningarna.
Empty road in Manhattan that is closed due to the floods. Photo: Stefan Jeremiah / AP
"Avoid flooded roads"  
For several days, rain has fallen over the state. More than a centimeter of rain fell over the borough of Brooklyn in three hours on Friday morning. As much water has fallen over Central Park since Thursday night - and even more is expected. 
- Plan your escape route. Don't wait to go until the water is above your knees, don't wait until it's too late, said state Governor Kathy Hochul. 
Tunnelbanan står stilla.
The subway is at a standstill. Photo: Stefan Jeremiah/AP  
A state of emergency has also been declared.  
"All residents must take all necessary precautions and avoid flooded roads, which are one of the most dangerous places during flooding," Hochul said in a statement.  
Ersättningsbussar sätts in i Brooklyn när tunnelbanor är översvämmade.
Replacement buses are deployed in Brooklyn when subways are flooded. Photo: Andres Kudacki / AP  
25 million people may be affected  
The flooding has caused major traffic problems as several roads have been flooded and closed in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and New Jersey. LaGuardia Airport has also been forced to close a terminal that was flooded, and in an hour nearly five inches of rain fell on JFK Airport.  
Kaos vid Williamsburg Bridge.
Chaos at the Williamsburg Bridge. Photo: Jake Offenhartz/AP 
The New York Times  describes how commuters in local traffic struggled through the morning. A woman grumbled about forgetting her rain jacket at home as she made her way through the rain and a man ducked for a boy's unicorn umbrella.  
The newspaper writes that some subway lines are completely closed, and some have been rerouted. 
- I have no idea what is happening or where we are going, says a subray conductor. 
En man försöker ta sig fram genom översvämningarna i Brooklyn.
A man tries to make his way through the floods in Brooklyn. Photo: Jake Offenhartz/AP  
At the same time, the weather is variable in different parts of the city. In some parts it's just a drizzle, and on the Upper East Side of Manhattan they run through the rain with water up to their calves.  
Authorities warn that approximately 25 million people across the northeastern parts of the country could be affected by the floods. In New York, a three has been announced on a four-point scale of weather warnings, which means a "moderate risk of flash flooding".  
Wettest September in 140 years 
From 04:00 on Friday morning to 18:00 on Saturday evening, residents are asked to work from home and avoid the roads. 
- We want to urge the residents of New York to prepare for heavy rain and possible flooding during Friday and Saturday morning. "All New Yorkers need to be careful," said emergency manager Zach Iscol in a statement. New Yorkers are being asked to stay at home. 
New York-borna uppmanas att stanna hemma.
New Yorkers are being asked to stay at home. Photo: Stefan Jeremiah / AP 
Central New Jersey northward toward Manhattan, Long Island, southern Connecticut and the Hudson Valley are expected to be the worst affected areas. 
This is now the second wettest September in New York history, according to the NWS. At 10 o'clock on Friday, 32 decimeters had fallen during the month, which is the highest figure in over 140 years. The previous record was in September 1882 – when there was almost 43 decimetres. 
En ensam bil på en avstängd väg i Lower East Side på Manhattan.
A lone car on a closed road in Manhattan's Lower East Side. Photo: Stefan Jeremiah / AP

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